A Room Tour.

Whilst chatting with my cousin Heeral the other day, we were mentally drooling over what our future personal libraries were going to look like. She referenced the library in Beauty and the Beast and I instantly Googled it to refresh my memory:

If I know anything about Heeral’s book habits, I’d say she is probably already half way there.

I tried to flickr what my heart desires and this comes pretty close:

Floor to ceiling built-in shelves. Big sunny windows. Hardwood floors. A soft, worn-out Persian rug. A big comfy chair worthy of sinking ones tush in for hours. Old English furniture. A wood-burning fire-place. A coffee/espresso machine somewhere in a corner.

For now though, this is what I have to settle for:

bookshelf from craigslist: check
parquet floors: check
slightly itchy ikea rug: check
thrift-store wooden chair: check
one-serving coffee machine down the hall in the kitchen: check
Big window: check check
Radiator that blows hot air: check
a cozy bed: check
less than 50 books: check

[Yes, those are my running clothes drying because I was too lazy to do laundry. Yes, that’s a cotton ball on the floor. Yes, the curtains are of two different colors]

It’s just stupid to sit around and twiddle my thumbs waiting for the big dream to come true. Let’s be honest, I’ll be in my late 90s by the time I have the money, the time, and the number of books to make a sweet lookin’ library. Meantime, I am happy to sink in my bed with a two dollar book I found at the used book store which I’ll happily give away to a friend.

Except, Heeral, I think you should definitely stick to your dream and give me a key once you have it figured!

One thought on “A Room Tour.

  1. I so agree with you… the way i look at it is that be happy with what you have, so that way if the bigger things show up then they’ll just be adding on the happiness you already have… and if they don’t show up, then that’s okay b/c you’re already happy without them anyways.

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