Life Lately…

Three things keeping me busy these days…


In an attempt to ward off sleep in one of my grad school classes a few weeks ago, I had composed a list of things-to-clean-and-organize once I graduate. I mentally toured every nook and cranny of my apartment and came up with all sorts of things from dust and tune guitar, to throw away old underwear. Post graduation, I realize that I was a bit over zealous in the details.

Nonetheless, I’m moving down the list and checking things off. In the process, I’ve reorganized my room, acquired a cool book shelf, found some money tucked in old bags, and unearthed a few postcards from old boyfriends (even better than finding money). I’ve also realized that between me, Lilah, and the open windows, this apartment will never be hair, fur, and dust free.


This is perhaps the most exciting part of my post graduate life since I now have time to get better at it. I joined the Montgomery County Road Runners Club this week and I’m looking forward to running with others and incorporating track workouts for speed (imagine that!).

Yesterday was the first run with the MCRRC at Kentlands in MD. Sadly, I missed the group because of traffic, but I decided to run there anyway. I did an easy 7 miles, last 2 of which were me trying to find my car. I easily managed to get lost while being mesmerized by the houses in this community. But I didn’t mind. I sorta had accounted for this because just like tax and death, me getting lost is inevitable.

Today I am running with City Sports in DC and if I like the route, this might be my regular Tuesday evening plan.


Because I can’t just be cleaning and running all the time. Variety is the key. Past weekend, I ventured out to a few new (for me) bars in DC until the wee hours of the morning. It’s priceless people watching as I drank my over priced beer in the corner and then called it a night!

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