The 2009 Cherry Blossom 10-mile race report

My secret goal was to finish under 1:20. My I-don’t-want-to-suck standard was under 1:30.  I achieved neither set goals.

Place Num Name Ag Hometown
2293 16644 Chaitali Patel 27 Rockville MD
Net Time: 1:30:19
Pace: 9:02

The weather was perfect. I was rested and well fueled. I was on time. I had my timing chip(eh…sticker). And of course training wise, I had done my part through out this year. All in all, I was 100% better prepared than last year.

However, all the good was quickly overshadowed by the sheer number of runners. Dear God! I take back what I said a week ago about thousands of runners having a “positive” impact on speed. Thousands of runners have a drastically negative impact on speed. I spent 50% of my energy trying to zig-zag through the bevy of slow runners. The crowd never thinned. I had no control over my own pace.

I KNOW I could have done much better.
I am disappointed, and until I re-read my post from 2008, I was also angry.
Perhaps this was payback for being one of those annoyingly slow runners last year.

None of this crap next time. I hope I’ve paid my dues.

Click here for full race results.

2 thoughts on “The 2009 Cherry Blossom 10-mile race report

  1. Chika girl, I still insist your time is absolutely fabulous. I think you should congratulate yourself of your accomplishment.=)

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