An essay about random things.

I don’t know what things lead me to this but I came upon the conclusion that there are two categories of Stars: The Movie Stars and the Porn Stars.
We can all agree on the general differences between the two.

Actually I do know what lead me to that conclusion. My cable provider likes to surprise me by randomly changing some regular channels to the adult┬áchannels after midnight. While channel surfing during my study break and amidst the news, infomercials, and crime dramas, is a really bad x-rated movie in full swing. I usually have to warn first time visitors to not be surprised by this during their overnight stay. I don’t want them to think that I have a subscription or anything. It’s out of my hand, really!

From my accidental encounters I’ve learnt that Porn Stars, as compared to Movie Stars, are very tan, vocal, waxed, very friendly to strangers, slightly unattractive, and badly dressed (whenever they do choose to wear something). I always think of them as fighters; the ones who didn’t give up on their dream to be an actor despite of their lack of talent and beauty. I’m sure at least half of the population is thankful to have them around.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, last night in my class I discovered yet another category of “Stars”. These are the people who act in training and educational videos. They will never make it big in spite of their above average talent/looks, AND they will never get the respect for keeping their clothes on.
The best they can hope for is not to be laughed at.

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