Getting some fresh air on the Capital Crescent Trail

This weekend, after making some┬ábread, danishes, pancakes, and the usual lunch/dinner stuff, I needed to get out (as my neighbor kindly pointed out). I was wasting the 67 degree weather outside. How stupid of me, right!!? It was a “Duhh!” kinda moment when I blew off the study date at the library and headed to the Waterfront in Georgetown to soak up some sun and fresh air.

I packed my backpack with the essentials before heading out: camera, water, hot tea, a book, munchies, and a jacket (not that I needed one).

I was already feeling lucky when I found free parking in Georgetown. I consider it quite a feat given that half of DC was roaming M Street. Looking at the packed stores and the high traffic, I forgot for a moment that we are in a recession (possibly a depression). But I digress.

I first found a good spot to lay down and read on Water Street. After reading a page on Russia’s parliament (of which I remember nothing), I gave up and proceeded to just stare at the runners, bicyclists, kids, dogs, and the couples too busy making out. Something about the sun, it just brings the best out of all, doesn’t it!?

I realized I didn’t really want to read; the book was added to the essentials just so I would feel good about having the option. After repacking, and stepping in some dog pee (I think), I headed down the Capital Crescent Trail. Yes, the same infamous trial that I once got lost on. To my surprise, the trail is very well marked. I must have been drunk that day. I went a little camera happy while on the trail for close to two hours.

The day couldn’t have been spent better. I think I needed some alone time in the sun to reflect on things and drink my hot tea by the water! Sure, I am ridiculously behind in school work. But somehow it doesn’t matter.

Nature’s Cup Holder?




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