In which wanderlust catches up.

It’s been too long since Devang and I went back-packing in Europe (circa 2004). My friend Angel and I just made plans to go see Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium for a few days.  And although I wish he was coming along again, I am happy to be accompanied by the second best person for this trip.

The excitement is also accompanied by anxiousness since the trip is so serendipitous . I am flying to Germany tomorrow morning!  It hasn’t yet sunk in.  I am already worrying that I’ve packed too much and that I haven’t read enough about the places to visit!! But I’ve promised myself not to worry too much and just have a good time. What isn’t seen this time, will just have to wait till the next!

I am armed with my camera and my comfy shoes. We’ll see how the rest unfolds!  See you in a week!

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