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How to Draw a Cupcake

My coworker Asha has a tutorial for anyone who might be interested in learning how to draw a cupcake. She will be very happy to see your trials and finished products so please post them on Instagram and tag me @Hello.Namaste.World or feel free to email at chika@hello-namaste.com. Happy cupcake drawing everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcFQ9FR5f-Q&feature=emb_logo

Hello Namaste! Books · LIFE LATELY

CRAFTS: Sewing + Chandelier

Hi friends! I think we are all learning a lot about patience and kindness these days, especially for those of you who are managing work and kids at the same time. Last week started with me making a robust, full-day, homeschool scheduling. I soon learned that not only is it exhausting for me, but the… Continue reading CRAFTS: Sewing + Chandelier

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Navratri Garba 2018

Navaratri (नवरात्रि) which literally translates to nine (nava) nights (ratri) is an Indian folk dance festival that lasts for - you guessed it - nine nights, and celebrates Goddess Durga’s victory in the battle against the buffalo demon Mahishasuran. While it is observed all over India, it is especially celebrated with much fan fare in… Continue reading Navratri Garba 2018