5 Things

How was your weekend? It was a big one for us, what with Mother’s Day and Arjun’s Birthday. Here are my 5 favorite highlights from a weekend that was full of so many satisfying moments.

1. Arjun Turns 8

For me, time is now divided into tomorrow and “just yesterday”. Just yesterday Arjun was my little baby but somehow this past Sunday he turned 8. We celebrated with too many doughnuts and a crazy good time at Urban Air. Arjun is humble, intelligent, and has a heart of gold. How wonderful it has been to watch him grow. I love you Juni!

2. Starwberry Patch

Out backyard strawberry patch is thriving again this year. The harvest equally shared between the squirrels, birds, and kids. It’s only fair.

3. Mothers

There are many many reasons to love my mom-in-law. Even after she leaves, I always find tiny surprises left behind that make me feel so loved and grateful. Like when I opened my perpetually messy and untamed spice drawer after she left to discover it in perfect order. Thanks Ma! = )

4. Flowers

Or shall I say fruits. I am expanding my flower arrangement obsession to include fruits now. I won’t call it perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it does make me smile every time I see it. The beautiful vase was my Mother’s Day gift grom my MIL. The fruit branches are from our backyard nectarin tree planted by Devang a few years ago.

5. Treasure Hunt

I love old things. Which explains my obsession with thrift stores and the treasures they hold. This here is my latest haul which included some really beautiful teak bowls, Golden Partridge salad plates by Lemoge, and other lovely things.

And with that, I wish you a lovely week ahead. Talk soon!

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