Seasons Greetings

Hi! Last week I was having some computer problems which required a factory reset of my Microsoft Surface laptop. I had backed up everything to the cloud prior to the reset, however, I realized too late that I would also lose all of my auto-saved passwords.

Thanks to my shitty memory, I have wasted very little time online this week. It’s been marvelous. All my energy has thus been channeled into more tangle and fun projects like baking, decorating, crafting, and even making a holiday wreath.

The honeymoon ended tonight when I answered what feels like a million captcha tests and code generators, to be able to get into most of my accounts.

Leaving you with a few pictures from this weekend AND our 2022 Holiday Card which required a bit of photoshopping because Arjun is anti family pictures. Jokes on him. ha!

Happy holidays!

Arjun learning to fix dead light bulbs from grandpa.

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