Table for one please.

It’s a little after 5:00pm on Sunday October 23rd and I am sitting at the airport lounge waiting for my overnight flight to Paris, France.

I booked this solo trip earlier in the year after a hectic few weeks of juggling work and life. I wondered what it would feel like to get away from it all for a few days. Given the fact that I am married to a man who never believes in half-assing anything, the next thing I knew, with his encouragement, I was booking a fall trip to my favorite city in the world – ALL.BY.MYSELF.

I have mostly tried not to think about this trip all year. Believe it or not. There is a lot of guilt involved for one. I mean, even on the worst day, my life isn’t that hard. And to think that I need to go all the way to Paris to “self care” is rather pretentious and unnecessary. For second, I really (REALLY) do enjoy traveling with my kids. To go somewhere without them, and without Dev only makes me sad.

As I finish my champagne and make my way to the gate – don’t judge me – I am feeling good about our home. I feel like if I were to die, people will find all the things they need without a problem. I don’t know why, but that was my biggest anxiety. That my kids won’t be able to locate their loom kit, or that grippy pair of socks. As I was telling Dev where things are and how I do things – he looked at me insulted. Which is a very valid emotions because he is a very capable and involved partner who doesn’t need help figuring it out.

Boy! I am going to Paris. Alone. Ah! It’s hitting me slowly now.

I am gone for a week. Staying at a couple of fancy hotels. I’ve packed my fancy clothes that are too fussy to wear when I travel with kids. I have packed my journals and sketch books and entirely too many books. My main goal is to do as little as possible. This is my 8th time in Paris after all. I just want to be there, surrounded by wonderful things without doing too much.

My plan is to post pictures here every day so check back in if time permits. And wish me luck! Au revoir!

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