Buzz Kill: Graduation Photos

Just a few days ago I was complaining to my friend Dottie about all the “graduation” photos I kept seeing on my social media feed of young kids going on to Kindergarten, or whatever their next elementary school-grade might happen to be.

I mean, yes they are cute, but isn’t the cap and gown, and the walking ceremony a bit overkill? As a parent – I proudly told Dottie – I am so thankful that our pre-school and elementary school didn’t suck me into spending time and money on an event to see my kid get a “diploma”.

This morning at drop off, Ajay’s teacher very kindly gave me a surprise gift that included Ajay’s “graduation” photo.

Boy! Well, I guess one feels differently when it’s their own kid.

Yes, I get it now. My life without this photo certainly wouldn’t be the same.

[ I mean I am still very thankful that this photo happened behind the scene and was just handed to me. ]

Dottie, scratch what I said about those graduation pictures. Here’s one of Ajay’s – would you like a wallet size or 8×10?

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