How to make Party Hats

I am that mom that easily (very easily in fact) gets carried away when she sees arts and crafts supplies. I have often joked that my craft pantry is better stocked than my food pantry. Simply put, being creative relaxes me and makes me very happy. : )

For Ajay’s birthday celebration with his friends at preschool recently, I made some party hats that turned out so whimsical, colorful, and fun that I just had to share them with you. Like any busy parent, I had originally just planned to buy some party hats of course, but then I kept forgetting to go to the store or order them online in time.

So the day before the celebration, I figured I’ll just whip a few up at home using the treasure trove of crafting supplies that I always have on hand. I was planning to make the simple coned shaped hats at first, but then once I found a bag of feathers, I decided they’d be party crowns instead. You only turn 4 once in your life after all!

They weren’t perfect. They took a bit of time that I could have spent doing other things. But I loved that I made them with my own hands, that I didn’t have to spend any extra money, that I saved a trip to the store, that I made something that doesn’t exist in stores, and best of all, that Ajay got super excited when he saw them.

The hidden take away here is that creating something with your hands using colorful things makes your brain happy and gives it a break from all the boring adulting we do all day! For all busy parents out there who are reading this, I strongly urge you to relax with some craft supplies soon! : )

Supplies to make Party Crowns:

  • Elastic string (like the one used for making jewelry)
  • Colorful feathers
  • Heavy stock construction paper in different colors
  • Painters tape, like Frog Tape or Blue Painter’s Tape.
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Method: Fold the construction paper in half along the long side. Then fold it in half again along the short side. Draw a giant “W” and cut it out. Use painters tape to stick a small portion of the sides together. This not only makes the crown more sturdy because it is double-ply, but also allows you to put the hole for the string in the area reinforced by tape. This keeps the paper from tearing should the kids pull on the string too many times. Decorate the crown however you please using pompoms, feathers, gems, construction paper. Enjoy with your besties!

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