Everything but …

The other day I broke the handle on my well loved random-brand-camel-colored purse which I have used for the last three years. I replaced it with another random-brand purse in the color red.

It was a good opportunity to clean out the junk which inevitably accumulates in a purse (especially if you are a mom).

I threw away all the unnecessary items and made a pile of all the essentials that I should be carrying with me at all times – a pair of glasses should something happen to my contacts (I am pretty blind without) – one diaper, wipes, and a onsesie – wallet – pepper spray (that a neighbor from Chicago gave to me when I lived in the city; not sure I need it but it lingers on) – writing pad and pen – eyeliner – mask – scarf – hair scrunchy – a vile of cologne stolen from D. – sunglasses – library cards and gift cards – few antiseptic wipes and bandaids – keys – and lastly some gum for when I need to distract the kids or buy extra time.

I am happy that all this fit in my red crossbody without being heavy or too tight. Later I also added my Google Pixel XL phone and a small bottle of sanitizer.

This has me wondering, what do you consider as the most essential things to carry in your purse or bag? Also, when was the last time you actually cleaned it?

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