Local Tourist {Green Hill County Park}

‘Tis the season to explore our local parks {also known as summer vacation}. The kids and I have decided that our goal this summer is to visit one new park each week that we haven’t visited before.

This came about after D took us to Green Hills County Park last weekend. Built on a previous mound of municipal solid waste landfill, it is one of the most unusual and beautiful parks I have come across in Wake County. With 36-acres, it is expansive – has a beautiful playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, protected bike/job/walk path, and best of all a giant mound to climb and take in the views.

If I were a youngin trying to impress a date, this is where I’d bring them with a picnic blanket on an overcast day.

Bonus – there is a recycling facility right next door for you to drop off all that has accumulated in your garages and sheds over the years, which in our case included about 20 paint cans (the disposal of which led D to this discovery in the first place).

Recycling facility in the background

I hope you get to make it out to Green Hill County Park this summer!

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