Three Ways to use your fancy Tea Cups.

I have only a minor tea cup addiction, but if you ask my husband, he makes it seem like I hoard boxes full of them somewhere in a basement that we don’t have. Still, I get his point because I rarely ever drink tea. I am a coffee addict through and through. So why even bother having above-average number of tea cups to take up space?

Well, it’s because I fall in love too easily with their beautiful vintage patterns. If I see a vibrant and intricate design, I have a hard time walking away from it without making it mine. So yeah, may be I do have a minor addiction …

… which is all right as long as I can justify it by making sure I use the tea cups. Right? Right. So today, I thought I’d share three ways I use my beautiful tea cups in daily life.

Drinking Smoothies

I am over the Ball/Mason jar as the smoothie carrier. I feel like an aging work horse while guzzling my smoothie from one of those things. Using a tea cup instead makes me feel like I am drinking for pleasure even though there might be way too much spinach or kale to make the actual smoothie un-pleasurable. And that’s the thing, the beauty of the cup disguises the “healthfulness” of the drink it carries. It makes the experience more special and refined.

Doling out nuts during happy hour

I realized a while ago that one way to fancy up regular food when you have company is to serve it in really nice platters and bowls. And so instead of just opening my jar of nuts and leaving it on the table, or pouring the nuts in a non descript bowl, I serve my various nut medleys in tea cups. If there are a lot of people visiting, I leave tea cups on all surfaces around which people might congregate to chat. That way they can eat, drink and be merry. And of course admire my tea cups.

Serving afternoon snacks

snack in yellow tea cups

As soon as I am done feeding the kids, it’s time to feed the kids. It’s insane. Afternoon snack time always sneaks up on me no matter how hard I try to stay ahead of it. To make my kids believe that I have been thinking of nothing else than feeding them all day, I use my fancy tea cups to serve their snack. They love getting the fancy treatment instead of their usual plastic plates and bowls. It is also a great way to portion control so that they don’t stuff themselves with snack food right before dinner.

I feel like I can’t end this post without making a comment about cleaning fancy tea cups. I suck it up and hand wash them because I like them and I want them to last a long time. Perhaps that’s the only draw back at finding all these uses for them. Still, it’s worth the hassle if you can manage it. So go forth and find yourselves some nice tea cups to brighten up your day-to-day. There is no reason why you don’t deserve it.

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