White Chocolate Banana Muffins

I am curious – How do you go about picking recipes? Especially baking recipes which have little wiggle room for intuitive cooks?

It used to be that I was willing to give any recipe a try if the blogger’s pictures and descriptions looked tempting enough. However, as you can imagine, the success rate of these untested recipes was pretty low. I am surprised that even some cookbooks can be that way – with beautiful pictures but average results.

After a few disappointments, I went back to being choosy about my source for baking, which is now limited to three places:

  1. My friend Arezu who loves to bake and share her bakery-caliber goodies with us. She is picky about what recipes she uses and so getting a recommendation from her feels solid and worth-while.
  2. Online websites that I trust like Smitten Kitchen, Joy of Baking, and the New York Times.
  3. America’s Text Kitchen cookbooks

This past weekend, I baked White Chocolate Banana muffins using this recipe from Joy of Baking because I had some very ripe bananas and a whole lot of Lindt white chocolate balls which are my least favorite from the variety bag.

I don’t get a chance to bake alone anymore, which is nothing to complain about because kids in the kitchen is a good thing. But I do appreciate it when the universe gives me one or two chances every few months when all the kids are distracted enough to let me do my thing. It’s in these moments that I remember how quick and fairly mess free baking can be. HA!

I thought I would quickly bake these white chocolate banana muffins while watching THE DIG on Netflix. But I couldn’t hide from Ajay. : )

The muffins turned out delicious! The kids and I ate them for breakfast twice and the rest were frozen for another week. This is a good one to try if you are in the mood.

Happy baking and talk to you soon.

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