At Home.

I am sitting at my giant kitchen island, watching the rain fall from my giant kitchen window. A version of this fantasy has existed in my head since we first set our eyes on this home back in 2015. Now, to finally experience it, feels so empyreal.

Our kitchen backsplash

Our home renovation, like everything else in these times of a pandemic has been a lesson in patience. Patience which is even harder to exercise after moving into the new space because all I want to do is decorate and design and get everything in order RIGHT AWAY.

Living room/Kitchen

To put in perspective just how long I have waited for this moment, let me take you back to every single move I have made since I left Charlotte, NC, in 2006. There was always a good reason to keep using the same old hand me downs or making-do with thrifty purchases. Reasons which included not having enough money as a young professional, or moving every year from rental to rental, or being a young married couple who enjoyed the ease of finding furnished rentals, or having young kids who destroy everything, or waiting for a permanent forever home.

Clearly, after almost a decade and a half of this, all mama wants to do now is buy new plates and style some bookshelves in peace you know!

Yet to-be styled Bookshelf

Yet, here we are, using the same old things for now because online shopping is not as awesome as we once thought. Because going into stores and touching and browsing is half the fun. Because there are still sub-contractors coming and going as the final punch-list of items get completed. Because we still have little kids. Because we are still short on time. Because fancy taste still costs a lot of $$$.

So yeah, just a bit more patience as we navigate all of that.

My teapots in the Butlery

Thankfully, there is nothing stopping me from enjoying my rain in my home from my big kitchen island and big kitchen window. The rest will just have to wait for now. And I am mostly okay with that.

The giant kitchen window

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