The Waiting Game.

I have been waddling like a penguin with a lot of restless energy lately. I had planned to channel this last burst of stamina, time, and clear-headedness before the baby arrived in moving back into our renovated home. But one cannot spell RENOVATION without DELAYS and so here I am, going a bit insane not knowing what to do with all my nesting needs.

Yesterday, I decided to start packing anyway. I got through the linen closet, the kids’ closets, and then my own, before realizing that I had some packed boxes, and a lot of donation boxes. It made me curious for anyone who has embarked on the journey of cleaning and organizing during this pandemic, did you feel extra ruthless in assessing your stuff?

I have! Things like sheet sets and bedding have been my biggest enemy. Basically, I don’t understand how I have made it this long owning microfiber sheets, especially for the children’s rooms. Pretty to look at, but it’s like sleeping on polyester. All our pillows are old. All our comforters are bad (what does this even mean? I dunno).

Today’s plan involves going through the kitchen and the family room. I hope I am not channeling my inner frustrations on getting rid of things, although, I am pretty sure I am.

It would be fun and exciting if all this shedding came with replacing of more useful, happy, responsible, and practical things. I wish I could go into stores, and touch and feel and hold things. But I know that it isn’t the most responsible thing to do right now.

So I wait. Feeling like a kid who just wants to get on with it but can’t.

Featured image: Unsplash

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