What I am buying for baby #4

My first introduction to baby related anxiety was 8-years ago when I had to create a baby registry for Asha. In a nutshell, I hated the process because I was overwhelmed by the number of things a baby needs. I didn’t want to read hundreds of reviews to pick a baby bottle for instance. Researching essentials-lists was even worse. Walking into baby stores and warehouses was terrible.

Basically, I just couldn’t get myself excited for that part of becoming a mom no matter how much I tried.

Alas, it is something you can’t avoid and I did cobble together the few basic things we’d need for Asha once she was born. Our lovely friends and family kindly gifted most of these items at the baby shower, and some experienced parents even filled the gaps in my judgement by buying other things they knew I’d need.

In hindsight, I could have spent a little more time and effort in buying things that were top notch because I knew I would have multiple children. But I didn’t. Instead, I took comfort in knowing that …

  1. I live in the United States of America where generally baby products are regulated with lots of testing before they make it to the market,
  2. If something did end up breaking or not working properly, I’d just replace it, and
  3. I’d rather buy as I need rather than stock up on every baby accessory.

(Clearly I am aware of possible recalls and other safety matters which absolutely should not be overlooked by any parent, but I feel like they don’t apply to every single widget that the baby needs).

What I learned further from my laziness is that you just kinda learn to live with what you have and don’t miss the super features that might exist out there. So while I didn’t have the best stroller, crib, bib, bottle, playmat, etc. etc., what I did have worked just fine and I didn’t know the difference. I saved a lot of money needless to say which we mostly splurged on traveling with les enfants.

A family photo in the Swiss Alps.

Being two months away from baby #4 gracing us with his presence, I finally took inventory of what I might need this time around and the answer is … drum roll please …

Clothes!! Cute baby clothes because I don’t have any left; they were all donated or too stained to reuse! And pacifiers because they eventually all end up in a black whole somewhere. Oh and some new baby books because you definitely can’t have too many books.

We are reusing all big things namely the crib, the stroller, the infant car seat, the bath tub, the sling, the changing pad, and the baby bouncer – all purchased when Asha was born and all very basic and moderately priced items, even if not the best looking. I do have a broken baby monitor which I may replace. I plan to chalk-paint our white baby crib in a different color and get some new fun crib sheets if time allows.

Any new moms-to-be reading this – I wouldn’t recommend being so indifferent and lazy, but you know, don’t kill yourself over those reviews and lists. Relax and watch a show or read a book instead because that’s the stuff you really miss later on.

I won’t deny that I am tempted by two products that look fascinating and very helpful – The SNOO Smart Sleeper bassinet and the Stokke Trip Trapp Newborn Set attachment for the high-chair we already own. Both these products work for the first 6-8 months only and so I am not yet sure if indeed I will fork out the combined $1500 in acquiring them. Good thing – I can wait and make the decision once I learn the new baby’s temperaments.

Leaving you with this funny picture from our Chicago days when Arjun was barely a month old. He is lying in a breakfast tray lined with some baby blankets on our dining table. I suppose there is no better picture to describe my parenting style. ; )

dining table

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