North Myrtle Beach, SC

When Dev and I were island hopping in the South Caribbean in January of 2020, we never imagined that it would be our last big trip for the foreseeable future. (If you have time, definitely take a look at my pictures of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Anguilla).

The way things are going since then, I was pretty sure that traveling for us, not just a big overseas trip, but even leaving North Carolina, wasn’t in the cards for a while.

And then last Thursday, somehow we found the time and the lodging to take a short road trip to the beaches of South Carolina. I have been going to Myrtle Beach for the last 15 or so years. In my head, it is nice, but nothing special – an easy trip over July 4th holidays to be together with grandparents and siblings, you know!

But so starved I was for an adventure, any kind of adventure, that leading up to our trip I felt the same way I would if I was heading to Paris on a plane. And guess what, once I got there, it indeed was sublime. It was a short trip, but nonetheless, it was exactly what we needed.

We had a 2-bedroom oceanview room at Club Wyndham on Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach. It’s a huge hotel – with several towers. But I was impressed with their cleaning protocols and their social distancing rules for the common spaces. The hotel was packed but we were able to keep to ourselves in our spacious room when not at the beach.

There even was a carnaval just a couple of blocks away from the hotel. I think it’s a permanent one, but of course I have no memory of it even though I have been to this area countless of times. The carnival was not packed and again we were able to wear our masks and keep our distance as we enjoyed a couple of the rides, including the Ferris Wheel. Across the street was an arcade area that was covered but not technically indoors. The kids had fun playing ski ball and video games here too. It reminded me of the carnaval we visited in Lucerne, Switzerland and Beaune, France.

Food wise, we took a lot of things from home. But we did pick-up dinner for one night from Buoys one night. Not all employees here wore a mask. They have an outdoor covered space to eat, but surprisingly the inside was packed too. During the evenings it was packed and overflowing (probably because they also have live music in addition to good food). Overall, not a place I would eat-in, but definitely a perfect pick-up spot. Once we laid out our order in our hotel’s dining room, we couldn’t believe the amount of food we had ordered. Oh but it was so delicious and we did end up finishing it all. We also had ice cream from Melt. All employees here wore a mask and they only allowed one group to enter the shop at a time, which made us feel safer.

The beach itself was so much fun! We played in the waves and sand. Dev and I both got a chance to go for a run individually (running on the beach barefoot is one of my most favorite things in the world). Overall it felt like this was the first beach trip for our family when the kids were old enough and robust enough to spend several hours playing and having fun on the beach. Dev and I even got a chance to lounge in our beach chairs.

The trip lasted for barely 48-hours and yet we all came back with a nice tan and feeling like a million bucks.

As always, thanks for reading and letting me indulge in my travel stories! And now for the pictures! = )

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