Books + Open Spaces + Treats

Hi friends! Seeing how much you enjoyed my previous post about Yates Mill Park and Snoballs, I wanted to share another little combination of outings that brought all of us a lot of joy: Public Library + Louise Scottie Stephenson Amphitheatre + Cameron Village Shops.

Cameron Village Public Library

In Wake County, a few select public libraries are offering Books on the Go where you can order books using the online catalog. Once they are available, a notice is emailed asking you to schedule a pick-up time. Given how much we had missed our local public library, I ended up ordering the most amount of books allowed (30), 8 of which were ready to be picked on this particular day. I easily scheduled a pick-up time using the link in the email (you have to do this for each email you receive). The books were nicely packed and labeled in the lobby of the Cameron Village Library. I forgot to take pictures unfortunately, but it really was super simple and quick. I didn’t have to come in contact with anyone. I highly recommend it.

Louise “Scottie” Stephenson Amphitheatre

Located on the campus of Raleigh Little Theatre, the Louise Stephenson Amphitheatre is perhaps one of my most favorite places in Raleigh. It is so beautiful and peaceful. After our book pick-up from Cameron Village Library, we made the short 2-minute drive to the amphitheater where the kids and I soaked in some sunshine. I found a shady spot under a tree and looked through my new books as the kids played in the open space. The rose garden behind the stage was in full bloom, adding to the magic.

At some point while I was engrossed in my books, Asha snapped these pictures of me. And I am thankful because if it wasn’t for these sneaky moments, I would never have any pictures of myself. Also, that’s Arjun in the background, itching a mosquito bite.

Cameron Village Shops

Sandwiched between the library and amphitheater are the Cameron Village Shops which is were we stopped to get a few treats before heading home. If you are ready for lunch, there are several great options offering outdoor seating or curb-side pick-up. There is also Goodberry’s Frozen Custards for anyone interested in a sweet treat!

Overall, this was a great way to spend a couple of hours away from home. If you are in the Raleigh area, I hope you give this combo a try!

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