mon chéri, c’est vendredi!

Darlings, it’s Friday! And I hope that you have something exciting planned for yourself. Moi? I am taking a break from cooking and ordering pizza which will be enjoyed with a fancy homemade salad and a glass of wine. All that to be followed with a movie night with the kids.

I have spent the day nudging my children to enjoy things that I don’t remember needing any nudging to enjoy when I was a child. Like sunshine, and bicycles, and books, and running in the garden. Perhaps it was all that non-stop rain, that got us used to the indoors. I am hoping that the weekend brings more outdoor fun.

I tried to write a story today and nothing came. Such days are very disappointing. Like a domino, the disappointment then spreads to other things and soon nothing seems to be going right. Somehow my kids sense such days and give me what I need to feel useful and good and laughing again. And for that I am very thankful.

This morning, Arjun had a video-message waiting from his preschool teacher Ms. Kelci, who by my standards is a reincarnation of Mr. Rogers. She had a sweet little message for all her students about tackling big feelings and making daily commitments. Before COVID-19, my child was spending most of his day with her tone, her calmness, and her patience, I realized. And now he is flung into my world of demands and yelling. So I took Ms. Kelci’s advice and promised myself I’ll do better from now on.

And on that positive note, I think it’s time to bid you au revoir and a happy weekend! See you again soon friends.

à bientôt.

Feature image credit: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

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