This Week in Le Quarantine

… I commissioned a portrait from a really talented local artist. I couldn’t have been happier with the final painting.

I found a new way to fancy up my workhorse white-cotton shirt. This simple detail with the scarf caused someone to ask me on a video call why I was so dressed up. It’s just my everyday!

I found so many sweet moments between these two brothers this week. I even saw Ajay put his hand behind Arjun’s back and say “I am your buddy” as they ate their popsicle on the front stoop.

We bought a piano. Well, kind of.

We found treasures in our backyard.

My fantasy of spending days solving a big jigsaw puzzle with the family came true. It was a 252-piece Pinhole Press photo puzzle of a family portrait which resulted in lots of talk about how someone is still missing a forehead or “dad doesn’t have any pants yet.” I need 10 more of these in my life right now!

We performed surgery on a turtle who was loosing his stuffing, and made a bag out of recycled coffee sack for Earth Day.

And to wrap it up, I realized that I haven’t had to say “I am sorry I am late” in the last 30 days. It’s been liberating.

I am listening to: Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson on Audible.

I am watching: Masterclass by Anna Wintour

I am reading: Soon to be released Mother Land by Leah Franqui for a Bookpage review. Seven Ages of Paris by Alistar Horne for personal pleasure.

I am having lots of fun right alongside with the kids writing letters and cards. So much so that we’ve already made two trips to the post office because we keep running out of stamps.

Hope you are well too!

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