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Cardboard Box Guessing Game

The humble cardboard box; never the star of the show, but always the one that kids end up reaching for in the end. I mean, did we even need to spend the money on that fancy toy inside?

Social distancing has certainly piled up the number of boxes in my home as I order more things online instead of going in the store. I am assuming things are looking the same for you?

If so, save your next big-ish box from the recycling bin and turn it into this ridiculously low effort game of guessing. All you need to do is make two holes on the sides where your child can insert their hands. Then feed them mystery objects to guess what they are.

I had Asha and Arjun collect 20 things in secret from each other, and then used those items to feed the other’s guessing box. It was like I was giving away millions of dollars; the excitement was unreal. We ended up running around the house to find 50 more things. So just be warned to have a nice big stock pile of objects before you start for maximum fun!

I hope you give it a try! Happy guessing!

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