Luxury Hotel: Conrad, Washington DC

My love for fancy hotels runs deep guys! So during our spring break road-trip to Maine, when we got a chance to spend a night at the brand new CONRAD hotel in Washington D.C. I was beyond excited. Thanks to all the friends and family who allowed us to crash at their homes in New Jersey, Boston, and Portland, making this hotel splurg an easy decision! I made sure to enjoy it on all yours behalf. ; )

The hotel is located at the corner of 10th Street and New York Ave NW. The slick building stands out amongst all the high-end shops and restaurants in that area which is now called City Center DC. May be I am wrong, but I feel like all this was just one giant parking lot back when I worked in D.C. To see this beautiful hotel along with stores like Tiffani & Co, Kate Spade, Longchamp, Gucci, Vince, Momofuku & Milk Bar, etc. etc. is quite mindblowing.

CONRAD hotel and the Park at City Center
Lanterns at the Palmer Alley NW in City Center

It’s funny how I had completely erased all memories of the terrible traffic in D.C. no matter what hour of the day. We made the mistake of enthusiastly announcing “kids, we are almost there!” about 30 miles away from the city. And of course it took over 1.5 hours to cover that distance.

The high ceiling and the gong-light in the lobby and Reception area

So this is when a fancy hotel really comes in handy I suppose. We all walked in cranky and then instantly felt like humans again as we made our way to the hotel’s beautiful lobby and reception area. At check-in the staff was ready with the cutest little teddy bears for the kids and let’s just say that it made them forget about the last 5 hours in the car!

Our room on the 7th floor had a gorgeous view. We revealed in to for about 20-minutes before making our way back out to explore the city. We walked to the National Mall and checked off as many sights as our short time allowed. After an ice cream break at the Cherry Blossom Festival, we Ubered it to the Nat’s baseball stadium to catch a game with some of our old friends!

View of the street down below and the roof garden at the hotel from our 7th-floor room.
If only I could convey in this picture how sticky things got after the ice cream social!

By the time we got home, we were all ready to just pass out! Our cousin Priya decided to hang out a little longer, and that was just fine because we had a nice little sitting area in the room to talk and catch-up as the kids caught-up on their PJMasks. We ordered room service feasted on pizza, salad, and pasta ( + Devang’s Padthai from a neighborhood Thai place).

At some point the kids showered and passed out. Then it was my turn to clean-up, and relax in my robe and watch some SNL.

The next morning, Devang somehow found the energy to go work out in the hotel’s gym which he said was very nice (I’ll take his word). We eased into the morning as we waited for a couple of our friends to came by for breakfast! They brought lots of yummy goodies which we supplemented with some pancakes, fruits, and bagel from the room service menu. We have all known each other since college basically, and it was amazing to now be in this room watching our kids playing together as if they had known each other all their life. Also, who knew that playing hide-and-seek in a hotel room is not only possible but also fun when you are 6 and under!

I loved seeing how our city friends get around without a car!

And just like that, our time at the CONRAD came to an end as we packed our bags and made our way to the rest of our trip. I think it was totally worth the splurg given how we were able to quickly get to all the hot spots in such a short amount of time, and also have our friends come by and say hello in the hotel room.

Dear CONRAD, I hope our paths cross again soon because I miss you very much! Thanks for showing us such a good time.

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