Life Lately…

Happy Monday guys! It’s November somehow and I realized that it’s been a while since I put together a photo-essay of how life is going lately. So here it goes! Fair warning – following pictures include intense amount of cuteness. I am not sure how I handle it on a daily basis, but somehow I have managed not to eat my own kids.

I’ll start off with Halloween since I didn’t post a single picture of how the kids looked in their costumes. Asha was Princess Poppy from Trolls. Arjun was Cat Boy from PJ Masks. Ajay was Jack-Jack from The Incredibles II. It’s moments like these when I feel like I have too many kids because in the madness of getting ready, no one wanted to be still for pictures. Poor Ajay didn’t even make it into any. But he looked cute and you can take my word for it! Halloween in our neighborhood is like Chapel Hill’s Franklin Street, but with kids! If you can imagine that.

2018-11-05 10.38.31 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.29 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.48 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.38 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.39.06 1.jpg

Do you guys remember Stuart from MAD TV? “look what i can do”?? Well, I thought it was so funny back then, but I didn’t really get it you know. I just thought it was a funny character played by a good comedian. But NOW, as a parent, I think of Stuart at least 3 times a day because I FINALLY see what was the inspiration behind Stuart. Kids always want you to look at them while they do something completely inconsequential with lots of pride. In their heads they are doing something amazing, but of course, to the outside world, it is sometimes hard to see what exactly that is. I love it though!! Not that anything is inconsequential about Asha’s ballet moves; especially that last one!

2018-11-05 10.38.36 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.39.08 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.39.17 1.jpg

Arjun recently pulled a chair next to the coffee maker as it was brewing a new batch. He kept staring at it until I finally asked him what was going on. He then repeated how the water was moving through the coffee maker and turning into coffee. He seemed very proud to have solved that mystery! He is living in his Cat Boy costume lately, drawing lots of intricate pictures on anything he can get his hands on. And yes, he still refuses to wear new clothes that are season and size appropriate. I am pretty sure there are people at his day care who think we are maybe homeless.

2018-11-05 10.38.46 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.34 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.44 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.39.04 1.jpg

In other news, Ajay needs a haircut very badly! He is finally walking and doing everything he can to keep up with his siblings. He looks so calm and innocent, but boy oh boy, he knows more than he lets out. He is totally like Jack-Jack from The Incredibles!

2018-11-05 10.39.03 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.55 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.39.15 1.jpg
Riding the scooter from school to home.

2018-11-05 10.38.50 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.39.18 1.jpg
Baking Almond Flour Chocolate Chip cookies with walnuts!

2018-11-05 10.38.53 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.39 1.jpg

2018-11-05 10.38.59 1.jpg
National Walk To School Day!

I feel like I live in a bubble of constant happiness. For anyone who wonders what life is like with three kids, I want to tell you that it is perfect. It is so perfect that it makes you keep wanting to have more kids! Well except for may be when it’s picture taking time and no one stands still…but you know…it’s a small price to pay!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! = )


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