In honor of our first school pictures…

Asha got her first ever set of school pictures and my heart has pretty much melted in a puddle since then. Not just because they are so so SO cute and adorable, but also because I love how she has figured out how to deal with my kooky parenting choices. Do you see it yet?

2018-10-10 01.30.31 1.jpg

Indian girls usually get their ears pierced when they are just a few months old, and clearly Asha, at 5-years-old, is still without piercings. But she has found a very creative way to put up with her mother’s procrastination in this department. Day before picture-day at Kindergarten, she used paint swatches (which she had previously grabbed from a home improvement store), gems, and butcher string to craft homemade earrings. I helped her make a necklace and bracelet too. All the while knowing she wouldn’t really wear this stuff in public. But boy, she was proud of what she had created and did wear her handmade earrings during the photo shoot. I nearly cried when I saw it in the pictures.

So in honor of my very creative, fabulous, and not-a-slave-to-fashion Asha, here is her formula for homemade jewelry with paint swatches! Or place your custom orders when you see Asha next time! = )


2018-10-10 01.25.59 1.jpg

2018-10-10 01.25.57 1.jpg

2018-10-10 01.26.02 1.jpg

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