Car Wash with Kids

*Video produced using Google Movie Maker and Google Photos apps on an android device. Theme – Les Toredores from Carmen (by Bizet).

Some of you might have already seen this on my Instagram last night (@theantibland) so sorry for the repeat, but the kids asked for a surprise during school pick-up yesterday and I gave in! I figured a car wash would be a novelty experience which would 1) get the car clean 2) provide entertainment without unloading the kids.

Little did I know that this specific establishment really jazzes it up with all kinds of lights and effects! Asha was going insane. Arjun was totally dumbfounded and couldn’t believe that such a thing exists. Ajay kept squealing as all the bubbles and lights hit his side of the window. Price tag for this priceless experience: $7.00 + Tax

It made my heart melt to see them get so excited about something so mundane. Begs the questions, why can’t adults feel like this more often!? I love this age of my kids when I get to pretend to be the coolest person on earth and they believe it wholeheartedly!

Here is the sweet and uncut video with all the commentary and excitement!

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