Happy Birthday Arjun!

Arjun turned 3 this week and as a parent the obligatory question to ask is, how did my baby grow up so fast? A lover of trains, fountains, and “soft pants” Arjun takes after his dad, in that, he was born with the kind of determination that is unfazed by all external factors. His big eyes are spell bounding. His love is uncomplicated and pure. A floor-puzzle master, I predict he will be some kind of super-engineer by daytime who does stand-up comedy on weekends, when he isn’t free-style rock climbing in a remote part of the world. (But he will always remember to call his mama at the end of the day).

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Hi World, meet Arjun!

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I don’t think Devang and I have ever had any alone time with Arjun, so in honor of his big 3 we decided to deposit his siblings with family and take him for a special train ride into Uptown Charlotte. It was one of the best days of his life and ours too of course. It was so wonderful to be able to devote complete attention to him and indulge in all his requests. It was heart melting when amidst all the excitement, he kept missing his siblings and talked about having them along the next time.

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Sleeping babies make me want to eat them more!!!

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We also had a small celebration with the grandparents, another one with just the 5 of us in Raleigh on his actual birthday, and one more over popsicles with his classmates. With all these celebrations, I think it’s eminent that # 3 will be his best year yet! I love you Arjun, with all my heart. Even though I wish I could wrap you up in bubble wrap, I am so proud to see you fearlessly enjoy life. May happiness and kindness always follow you in whatever you do.

And now for a gazillion pictures …


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Arjun!

  1. Oh the battle of little boys and “soft pants.” Our family photos last fall were a struggle because neither of my nephews like jeans or khakis. There were lots of bribes to get them out of “soft pants” for a couple of hours. 😊 It looks like Arjun had a great birthday and I loved all the photos.

    1. The struggle is clearly real. I’ve completely given into this for my sanity and purchased 6 pairs of the soft pants he likes from Uniqlo. Because not all soft pants are created equal, I have found out the hard way.

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