Asha Turns 5.

The little nugget that made me a mother is now 5-years-old! Everyday, I go to sleep knowing I have loved her fully and infinitely, but then I somehow wake up the next morning, with even more love for her in my heart! I hope this magic lasts forever and forever.

As much as I want time to hold still at least for the moment, I am also excited for the adult Asha that is going to take over the world. She tells me frequently that I shouldn’t worry about her growing up too fast though, because she will still give me hugs and will stay with me forever! *Add a tear here.*

It’s been bittersweet for me to watch her understand the world on a deeper and more realistic level too now. This means she has randomly asked me “why are there bad people in the world?”, or made statements like “I wish unicorns were real mom”. But it’s almost like she asks these questions with a determination to fix the obvious goof.


For this birthday, I decided to start a new tradition and ask her some fun questions. I am sure that when she is older, we will all look back at this and remember exactly how she became so awesome! = )

Favorite color?
blue, pink, purple, green, and golden

Favorite song?
I’ve been standing at the edge of the water, Moana

Favorite Animal?
unicorn and ponies

What will you be when you are older?
gymnastic girl, ice skater, teacher

Favorite dessert?
bubble gum

Favorite food?

Favorite singer?
Michael Jackson

Favorite thing to do?
glitter, play with mommy, play with my grandparents, play with friends

Who is your best buddy?
Arjun and Ajay

How do you cheer yourself up when you are sad?
doing stickers

What is the best part of being 5-years-old?
that I am older and that arjun is going to turn 3

What are some of the new things you are going to try this year?

Where do you hope to travel this year?

So that’s my baby. No longer a baby. I love you Asha. May kindness and happiness follow you always!


One thought on “Asha Turns 5.

  1. Aww! The pics make me cry of joy and pride. My little puki princess!!
    Happy 5th birthday Asha. Always remember masi is your number 1 fan!!!

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