A Date At IKEA

Whenever we visit Charlotte, I might as well say we are visiting grandparents “and IKEA”. Is it bad that I am just as excited to see a store as I am to see the family?

Usually Devang wants nothing to do with this place. He doesn’t understand why my anti-clutter, anti-retail attitude loves a place that is essentially filled with just that!

Thankfully I have a sister who shares my passion. Most of the time during our trips to Charlotte, I try to slip away from the kids for an hour or two, and meet her at IKEA as we catch-up while walking around and then top it off with a cup of coffee or ice cream depending on the mood. Retail therapy at its best.

But during our last trip, my sister somehow found something better to do than hangout with me at IKEA (imagine that!?). So I dragged Devang with me with a promise that “it will be so much fun”. He gave me a look but knowing that we would be free of three kids, he couldn’t resist the offer.

Let’s just say, I have never walked through an IKEA so quickly before, and stuck with just the items on my shopping-list.

Finally, we made our way to the cafe and got ourselves some coffee and treats. I felt like we were so much more relaxed than when we have dates at fancy places. We had a few laughs, agreed that the coffee could be better, caught-up on stuff, and did a photo-shoot with a flag and a tomato!. This to say that, just like I had promised, it was so much fun!

Cheers to a cheap date-night at IKEA!

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