Happy New Year!

For a self professed lover of Mondays, which I see as a chance to reset all my good intentions weekly (since I always lose steam mid-week), I was extra happy when January 1st fell on a Monday this year! It felt like that extra espresso shot in my morning coffee; a jolt to kick start the new year in the right direction.

I had enough resolutions lingering from last year to add news ones, but you know, I did take a vow to spend less time running around like a chicken with its head cut-off, and instead, enjoy the moment and bring back the art of unitasking! So don’t mind me if the next time we meet, the things I brag about aren’t work or chores related, but about that time when I laid down for an afternoon nap with Ajay! And speaking of, I think sleep is totally IN for 2018. at 36-years old, I think the best beauty tip I can embrace is to get more zzzzzs!

In these first few days of 2018 I have also felt very together in terms of what I’ve worn everyday. After that massive reduction in clothes last year, I find myself blindly reaching for stuff and it still all comes together perfectly!! It does mean that I wear the same 4 or 5 outfits all the time, but it hardly seems to matter because it feels so classic, put-together, and gooooood! Also, I am finally understanding my sister’s lessons in buying statement pieces if I choose to stick with a capsule wardrobe. So taking her advice, I bought myself these shoes pictured above from Everlane (my new favorite place to shop). These are my everyday shoes and since the day they arrived, I felt like I have an extra pep in my step, and others have noticed it too!

My other favorite activity, traveling, is also getting a great start with two amazing trips coming up in the next few days. Blowing Rock, NC for skiing and general mountain fun, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, to get some sun and do some good for a region that is trying to bounce back after hurricane Maria! I am so thankful for a patient spouse and cool kids who let me indulge in my wanderlust. As far as writing and creativity goals, I need to buckle up and finish up the Hindi books which are so close to being done! In fact the copyrights for it came in the mail on my birthday and it felt like another incredible achievement to celebrate the day!

I don’t know how one starts a new year without thinking about Food! Whether it is to jump start a diet, or eat better, or cook more, all of us have some kind of resolution relating to the things we eat. I feel that most of our meals are healthy and home cooked, but what we lack is variety. So I am trying new simple recipes that can be repeated weekly without the hassle of preplanning too much. And if you follow me on Instagram, you also know that I am trying to spruce up dinner time with flowers, candles, and table clothes! I think it all goes back to my need to slow down and savor the moment.

On this blog, I also want to take the time to highlight the things that bring a smile to me everyday! In a series I am calling People, Places, Things, I hope to share big and small things that I find inspiring, and which hopefully will also bring some positivity to your day. It will include Q&A style posts with the incredible people I have met here in Raleigh, along with shout-outs to destinations near and far, and objects that can add a little more joy in life.

So much to look forward to!

Happy New Year!

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