A word from Ajay…

Don’t let that face fool you. It was a short gassy spell. I don’t know what my mama’s feeding me. It’s been almost a month since I tipped the parent to child ratio in this family and some are dealing with it easier than others.

My mom, has been really good about holding me all the time even though I don’t demand it per say. I think the third time around she’s figured out that there is no such thing as spoiling a baby as long as she is the one doing the spoiling. Thank god! She and I hang out all the time and she even took me to a couple of her work meetings where I might or might not have stolen the show (what did she expect trying to bring a cute baby to work). In fact, whenever I am with her, we talk to lots of strangers and things take 10 times as long to accomplish! I am so glad she is so social. But if I do say so myself, she listens to too much NPR which quite honestly hasn’t been the most uplifting and happy lately. Woman, put on some tunes once in a while won’t you!

My dad is also a lot of fun to be around! He likes working on his fitness a lot and I can’t wait to go see him play basketball one of these day even though he says that he’s “an old man now”. We listen to a lot of investing news which in my opinion is not any better than NPR, but whatever! He and I usually go on morning constitutionals to bid good day to our neighbors, and check out what’s growing in our garden. Mom keeps wondering if I’ve inherited his green thumb, but thus far, it only looks brown to me. Thanks to him, I am already on my way to becoming the youngest barista ever! I love chilling with my dad, especially when I can match his no-shirt dress code in the house. I also can’t wait to taste these “PBJ” he speaks of all the time.

This brings me to the fun people in the family, my big sister Asha and my big brother Arjun. Thank the lord that they have a better taste in music and I am already loving all the Frozen and Moana songs they sing (although my mom seems to have a really scary expression on her face when this happens). Most of the day they go to school which must be another word for “carnival” since when they come home, I get to learn all kinds of strange behavior that my parents don’t partake in. I love my Asha didi. She is so gentle and brings me a rattle every time I cry. I love my Arjun bhai who might be mildly obsessed with my eyes but hey, can you blame him? I can always count on him to never leave me alone and always bring what my parents call “not safe” objects for me to play.

I’ve been to all kinds of places around town with my family. Dinners, botanical gardens, fireworks, picnics…what have you! Being with my family is my favorite thing so far!  Although. I have noticed that it would help my parents a lot if they weren’t limited by just two hands and two eyes. But they are just so adorable trying to run around keeping everyone safe and happy. Bed time is probably their favorite time if I were to guess, since I can’t imagine what can be better than trying to put three excited little children to sleep!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know what I’ve been up to. Come by and say hello anytime! And before I leave, my mom asked that I share this family picture from our picnic last Sunday in Dorothea Dix park in downtown. Look how perfect and beautiful everyone looks! So what if that was the only hot minute when everyone was together on the blanket at the same time. Sitting is overrated …


2 thoughts on “A word from Ajay…

  1. This is adorable! I loved reading it! Ajay, your life is more exciting than mine and I’m so happy to hear it. I hope you’re letting your beautiful mama get some sleep too. 💙

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