Happy 4th Birthday Asha!

Nothing in my life has changed me so fundamentally as a person than being a mother. That singular moment of holding Asha for the very first time in the hospital, felt as drastic as flipping a switch, and as prodigious as perhaps discovering a new dimension in the universe.

Over these four years, I have learned more from Asha than the other way around I’m sure. And despite of having days when I wish that my little human came with a bit more logic and patience, I can no longer imagine life without Asha’s silliness and love. As my first born, she paves the path for every emotion I can feel in parenting, and she only makes me ever so thankful for been granted this amazing responsibility.

To celebrate her 4th birthday, we had only planned a small party at her school given that the weather was a big bit iffy for a party at home. But of course, the weathermen changed his forecast just days before and we did our best to plan something she would love, on a very short notice. Kids are easy to please thankfully and bouncy houses are the way to go in case anyone ever is stuck with options on what to do. It ended up being the perfect celebration!

Once, Asha came to me and repeated lyrics of a song she had learned by saying “mama, we are bound together forever” and planted a big kiss and a hug! She declares her love often and unexpectedly in this and many other cute ways all the time. Now as she gets older I see her also being patient, kind and playful in her role as a big sister! I can’t wait to see what else she is capable of.

Asha my dear, you are so loved! May happiness and kindness follow you everywhere. Happy Birthday!

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