Rainy Morning

We walked to our favorite bakery this morning  even though it was drizzling. Do the rest of you feel that sometimes even when the weather isn’t ideal, it is still easier to entertain little kids outside than inside the home where they eventually start getting into things they shouldn’t!


The two-block walk to Yellow Dog and back killed over an hour and they were more than thrilled to jump around in puddles, pick up sticks, watch squirrels and birds, and of course eat their treats …. chocolate croissant for Asha, plain croissant for Arjun, (a brioche tart for me!).


A bubble bottle ended up coming along with us and made the entire journey extra slow, wet, and soapy. Just what one needs on a rainy day. ;)

On days like today, I ask myself where time has flown by. How did two little babies become little people who can pretty much do everything on their own, including chat with each other and make their own inside jokes. Good thing I have a new one coming because I can’t imagine being forever done with the baby phase yet.


On the walk home, Arjun found a stick which he promptly waved around the entire way home. He called himself the line leader and walked while slapping himself, us, and all the things around him with that wet stick. At some point during the walk they also started singing “rain drops keep falling on my head…”!! You could pretty much see my heart melting.

Hope the weather is good wherever you are. And if not, I hope you have good company to keep it fun and interesting! Happy weekend!





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