Life Lately…

My last update on this blog was quite a while ago, I realize! There hasn’t been a dull moment since we got back from our vacation, even though the silence here might suggest otherwise. My daily intentions to catch up, quickly get pushed to “tomorrow” when I start thinking of all that I need to write about. And then of course, the end of the year means I am just going to ride the dallying wave until January 1st comes along with its promise of new found productivity and renewed commitment to spend more time here daily. Hope you are taking it easy too! = )

**Arjun’s new favorite seat to have his morning “foffee”.20161204_105357

**The moment when I break my resolve of never purchasing anything Frozen and get Asha an Elsa dress; she proceeds to never take it off and seems to be the happiest person on the planet. Meantime, I live on.20161209_084420

**Somebody is getting big enough to give shoulder rides! Also proud of her bike shirt which she picked out herself while window shopping as we waited for pizza in Moab, UT. It’s funny how she pretty much has never seen me ride a bike; I need to change that in the new year.20161218_113449

**The time when Arjun got lost in a big pile of leaves. 20161204_103431

**The one toy that has been Arjun’s favorite for months is the toy blender which actually turns on and blends. He puts various combinations of fake fruits and veggies inside and brings me samples throughout the day.img_9842

**When they get a hold of my camera and secretly take selfies which I only discover later! 20161112_09564720161112_09582220161112_095828

**Another picture taker joins the crew! Much to daddy’s chagrin. img_9869

**Asha and I went to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium this year. North Carolina Symphony was playing live music and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Given how much fun it was, I think this will become a yearly tradition from now on.20161217_18421720161217_185019

**Asha’s class had a Christmas party at school this year. It was seriously the cutest thing ever! 20161220_150240

**Christmas morning at my sister’s house! img_0086

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