Dates with Asha.

Now that Asha is older, I wanted to set aside some time where the two of us can hang out without Arjun who is still at that pesky age of needing constant attention.  So one day recently I decided to surprise her at school with an early pick up and a date at Starbucks. Not very creative, I know, but sitting on that patio, splitting a banana nut bread, I had a such a good time hanging out with her! We talked about all sorts of things, made silly jokes, saw some bollywood dance videos, and caught up on all that was happening at school.  I now know that conversations with a three-year old can be very deep, funny, and enlightening.  It was a blast.

So naturally, now this is our weekly thing. For our second date, I asked her to pick a place and she picked Harris Teeter which is a local grocery store.  Interesting choice but then again who doesn’t like to be pushed around in a race car shaped cart and eat free samples. It was fun just aimlessly wandering around the store.  She decided all by her self to pick some flowers for Devang, which I thought was too cute and then after some sampling of cheeses, we went to the pumpkins to grab a few for our front porch.  We loaded the goods in the car, and back we went to school to pick up Arjun.

Now every morning I get asked if today is a date day. She seems to have already picked a place for our third one. Costco. I KNOW!! It made me laugh out loud.

Everyday I am so thankful to be her mom but especially in moments like these I feel my head swooning with so much joy that I don’t know what to do with myself.  I can’t wait for our next date and hopefully it will not be Costco.















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