Mama’s boy grows up.

In the last few months, I  could tell that I was driving Arjun nuts by only listening to NPR and feeding him kale, quinoa and organic cheerios. He also stopped falling for a trip to Costco as “funtimes”.  In the interest of real fun and “donut and pizza Thursdays” Arjun has decided to start full time day care with his sister in September.  I can only wonder who I am going to kiss every 10 seconds and to whom will I share my frustrations as I hear the recent world news. My little peanut is all grown up!  

Chika and ArjunArjun smilingArjun on balcony looking at plantsArjun in a slingbaby ArjunDev, Arjun, Dottie, AshaChika, Asha, Arjun on the front stooparjun and chika at ashboro zooDay at the office - Arjun sitting in high chair and playing with his toysArjun and Asha at North Carolina Museum of ArtsArjun on halloweenArjun sitting on a picnic blanket in the park

2016-03-17-10.53.29-2.jpg.jpeg2016-04-25-01.35.12-1.jpg.jpeg2016-04-25-01.35.18-1.jpg.jpegNew Orleans Family Trip 2016.IMG_6098IMG_6277IMG_6330IMG_6332IMG_63832016-06-01-10.31.45-1.jpg.jpegIMG_6984IMG_7023IMG_6631IMG_67782016-06-05-11.12.44-1.jpg.jpegIMG_7102IMG_7138Nags Head Beach, Outer Banks NCwp-1466992336885.jpgwp-1470769665804.jpgIMG_8176IMG_8178


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