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I am interrupting my usual Friday ramblings with a call for help.  I am struggling with some hair issues lately.  The frizz is absolutely out of control and my front hair has stopped growing.  Sure, there are bigger and worse problems out there, but I am crying nonetheless. Please help! 

May be it’s North Carolina water? Or the humidity? But I feel like my hair is constantly looking like I am performing the static electricity experiment with a balloon.  No amount of special oil or hair product seems to tame it.  The only thing that works somewhat is if I flat iron it every morning, but that’s just crazy!

Then there is my hairline which has these baby hair that refuse to grow out. It’s been months and there has been no change in length.  Worse part is that they are neither here nor there; I can’t get them to pick a side and stick with that part.

I used to have the kind of hair that looked put together without any effort (for many years I didn’t own a hairbrush even).  And to go from that to this is really hard because I know nothing about hair products.  I need an education ladies (and gents).  Please do me this huge favor and put your product recommendations that you might think will help me, in the comments.  I am looking for everything including a better shampoo, dry shampoo even, oils, goops, whatever.  I am open to try everything at least once.

Thank you and well, of course, I have some cute pictures to share too. Happy first day of July and Happy Friday! = )









6 thoughts on “Hair Advice

  1. Hey I had similar issues in Chicago bc the water was so hard. I call my year in Chicago the ugly year…. But anyways things that helped were apple cider vinegar rinse after using baking soda as shampoo. Also coconut oil once a week. So yes you will smell like either a Olive Garden salad or like an Indian government bus (i got lice from that but that’s for another story) but it does help in combatting with the water issue. T-gel (so now you will smell like tarred road) from neutrogena helps with any form of scalp issues that you may not even know you have ie dandruff. Use once a month! Hope it helps!
    Miss you guys!

    1. haha…you are so funny! At least I can take comfort in the fact that I am married and not looking for a mate so I can basically smell however I want as long as that hair looks good you know! = ) I like that your recommendations are already in my pantry. Will give it a try for sure!

  2. Don’t stress, I know you’ll figure it out! My hair gets really frizzy in the summer humidity. I have not figured it out completely, but not shampooing very often (like once per week) really helps. But I still condition every time I shower.

    I think finding products is really a trial and error process. I stay away from shampoos and conditioners with sulfates and silicone because…my stylist told me that would help.

    My hair is very fine so a lot of hair products just weigh it down. My hair gets curly as well as frizzy in the humidity and have found this gel from DevaCurl to work well. It puts a cast on your hair while it dries which keeps the frizz under control without weighing my hair down.

    I don’t know about the hair that doesn’t grow. Are you losing hair too? Has your diet changed recently?

    Good luck!

    1. I don’t shampoo more than once ever 5 days or so, but I like your idea of using conditioner every time I shower; that’s a great tip. I can’t wait to try devacurl either! Regarding the baby hair I am at a loss. May be my diet is to blame. One can always eat more and in my case sleeping more will make a difference too I’m sure. Thanks Maria!

  3. Ugh!! I feel ya! I have similar issues, esp in summer. Flatiron will make it look great of course, but the heat damage is probably not going to help the overall situation. If you do need to flatiron, make sure you use a heat protectant cream prior. How often are you shampooing? Make sure you deep condition once a week. Has your diet changed? Getting enough vitamins and water? As far as oil and creams, try some samples of various products maybe, so you’re not spending a lot of money. My hair is course and curly so I don’t know if I can rec anything personally. I do rec going to a nice salon and finding someone you trust that can rec some products for your hair type. They will have good advice about hair care, too. Your hair is gorgeous, Chika! I think you look just lovely. It will get better!

    1. I have never tried a heat protectant cream prior to flat ironing so I’ll definitely give that a try. But like you said, that’s more of a once in a while thing instead of the solution. I do need to find a good salon here. I do need some expert intervention. And thank you as always for uplifting my spirit! I am hopeful for better hair days! = )

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