Raleigh’s Tour d’Coop 2016

Okay, so I suffer with this fantasy of having a farm and keeping chickens and goats. The whole idea seems so harmonious with nature and gratifying to the soul. Well, this weekend, I got a chance to observe at least a part of how this fantasy plays out for other people. Raleigh ordinance allows residential homes to keep chickens (by the way, so does Chicago).  This weekend 21 such neighbors all over Raleigh, opened up their gardens and chicken coops to the public so that they can see just how cool this whole thing can be. This Tour d’Coop is something I had never heard of before but Googling this after the fact I see that it has been done in other cities in California and Portland to name a few states.

Lucky for us, two of the 21 coops where right in our neighborhood. One was a 2 minute walk away and the other a 7 minute walk. But it was so incredibly hot that I decided I didn’t want to push a stroller with two kids up and down these hills. I drove instead.  I guess this makes me officially a southerner now. But I digress.

I was amazed at this whole concept and loved seeing exactly what it takes to take care of chickens.  Let’s just say that I am okay with deferring my own fantasy for a bit longer. There is just too much chicken poop to deal with and I already do enough poop management with two kids.

Here are some pictures from our Tour d’Coop. What fun it was!










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