New Orleans (Part III)

This is the finale I suppose with some random bits that got away the other two times! NOLA overdose can’t be all that bad, right?

My wish was finally granted when I made it to Mother’s for lunch; all the other times I either ran out of time or the line was too long to indulge.  My meal of choice was the fried shrimp and oyster po-boy and ohhh boy was it good!! I went there with just the girls after some spa time and nothing is more funny then feeling clean and zen-like just to indulge in some greasy fried food. Totally worth it though! Everything we ordered from the menu here was very very good!


Not pictured here was also a trip to Central Grocery and Deli which is near the French Market.  Again, one of those spots that I kept missing the other times because of ridiculous lines but this time I was persistent and the muffelata was worth the wait.

One of the afternoons, while the others spent the day at the WWII museum (which is definitely worth the visit) we took the kids to the Louisiana Children’s Museum.  It’s a bit old but I think it serves its purpose well with lots of hands on exhibits and a space for the kids to run around.  Afterwards we grabbed some coffee, espresso, and a hot chocolate form Revelator coffee.  Asha and Devang were sitting at a table while I nursed Arjun at another.  It was absolutely too cute to see them having a conversation like grown ups – although I have to add that the conversation came with 4 separate spills; side effects of a life with kids.









All in all NOLA did not disappoint! I truly believe it is a destination that never gets old and I am happy to have discovered yet another part of Louisiana with our house on the bayou this time.  Being with family in such an amazing place was nothing short of perfect.  Until next time!

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