Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Now that winter is back in Raleigh, it obvisouly made sense that we flee the city for warmer weather.

We are in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and it is amazing here. This trip was definitely last minute since we didn’t know Devang would have these days off.  In all honesty, I am never the one to think of the beach first when planning a vacation because I prefer being in a) Paris, or b) somewhere in a city where we can walk and eat all day.  But I am glad that I listened to Devang this time.  And as always we turned to our trusty Costco Travel site to book this and knew that everything would be taken care for us.  Except, they can’t make the kids sleep in.

On our first morning here, Arjun was up and ready to party at 6:00am.  It is easy for all if I just leave the room so he and I went for a walk on the hotel grounds and saw the sun rise.  It was incredibly wonderful being up at this hour when most of the guests were still in bed.  The place felt truly our own except the hotel staff and the ocassional other parent with a kid that also decided to check out the sun rise.  I ended up talking to one such dad named Billy from Denver and we couldn’t help but talk sports since Charlotte Panthers will be playing the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl in a few days.  For those who know me well, I guess it takes a sun rise in Mexico to make me talk about sports. Now you know.

Sending you warm thoughts from Mexico and yes, sure, I’ll have a Mojito for you!IMG_4779IMG_4808IMG_4827IMG_4841IMG_4842IMG_4862IMG_4865IMG_4782IMG_4776



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  1. Hey! Blogger love all your posts. We live thru u and your tavels, thanks for making it a adventure for us while seeing you and your beautiful enjoy the fundamentals of life. Live Love and Laughter. Journey continues.


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