Looking back at Christmas 2015!

Is there anything better than the smell of a Christmas tree in the house during the holidays!? It is perhaps the most compelling reason that we keep buying a real tree each year inspite of the million pine needles that shed and linger way past the season (and in some cases the whole tree too which last year stayed till March because we were too busy to carry it down three stories!!).
All the ornaments on the tree this season are really special. Some I got in DC and still bear the names and initials of some of those friends. Many others we made when friends and family visited during Asha’s first Christmas. Others still are from our travels. My sister also decided to add some of Asha’s crafts from school which I would have never thought of myself.
Having my nephews, my mom, and my sister to decoration the tree was extra special this year. At some point the camera ended up in one of the kids hands and it is always fun to see their perspective in things.
I know there is a lot of chatter about being politically correct and not saying Merry Christmas. Such crazy talk that is! I am happy to share such a spiritual and fun holiday with Asha and Arjun for all that it is.
Hope you have some fun traditions too. Now, don’t mind me while I go sing my Christmas carols!IMG_3912

One thought on “Looking back at Christmas 2015!

  1. Your Christmas tree is absolutely lovely, Chika, and decorated so beautifully. Like you, nothing will do for us other than a real tree. We always have a 6 foot spruce. Spruce is the only one we’ve found to have that amazing smell, and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it.
    Your happy family photos are a joy to see. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and sing lots of Christmas carols.

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