The Centurion Lounge

I have never been the one to think that credit cards with annual fees are worth the trouble. But our trip to Costa Rica changed all of that.

We used our American Express card to spend time in their Centurion lounge at the Miami airport during the layover both ways.  I have said this before that when traveling with kids it is well worth the money to use airline lounges during long (or short) layovers.  This time though we were more than impressed with all the amenities at the Centurion lounge; you can read more about them here.

We basically took over one of the wings and let the kids run around and get out the extra energy which can be potentially lethal on the plane.  Meanwhile, Devang and I sipped cappuccinos (and wine during our way back), and ate so so well.  It was the kind of food for which I would be willing to pay good money.  They also have a family room where Asha got her first taste of Tom and Jerry.  Mentally for me, I was truly able to relax.  I didn’t have to constantly run behind Asha and wonder where to put down Arjun.

I know I am late to this credit-card-with-benefits game, but hey, better late than never! And now for some pictures, including the ones where Asha shows us the proper way to lounge.




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