Wardrobe blues

At almost 34 years of age, the one thing I thought I would have under control was my closet.  

Yet, I stand in front of overflowing shelves and racks everyday with – you guessed it – nothing to wear.   I gave away about half my clothes in Chicago and thought that the leftovers were truly things I like.  But just three months later, I am back to complaining.  It isn’t that the clothes are ugly, it’s just that I am always pulling, adjusting, and overall being uncomfortable in what I have on.  I am so tired of it all.

A few complains I have:

  • Lack of pockets:  Especially now with kids, there are so many skirts and dresses that I love but have stopped wearing because there isn’t a pocket to put my phone, or keys, or a hanky, or whatever! I want to be hands-free like the guys without having to carry a purse everywhere (even in the house because I am that person who is always looking for her phone and keys).
  • The low-rise: Why was this a good idea ever??? I have jeans and shorts that basically don’t stand a chance with everyday squatting and bending and jumping around.  I have stopped wearing these items because I don’t want to flash people or expose my underpants. The fit worked in college and high school but now I just have too much going on to be constantly tugging on those pants.
  • The ‘dry clean only’: I don’t even touch it because one of my kids is either going to spit up or wipe their sticky hands on it as soon as I put it on.
  • The ‘hand wash only’: This is a little better than dry clean only but even then the little free time I have I don’t want to use it for washing clothes! My sister got me these beautiful Tippi sweaters from JCrew. They are so versatile and go with everything EXCEPT they aren’t kid proof and I just don’t have the patience to hand wash it after every use.
  • The White stuff: I can’t blame the kids alone for this one.  I am equally guilty of spilling things on it.
  • My body: This is where I take some credit for things not working out I suppose. Being short with thighs proportionately larger than the butt is an impossible conundrum when shopping for comfortable pants.  I just wish I didn’t have to choose between saggy bottoms or choking my thighs.
  • Non ‘machine-wash-hot-cycle’: Self explanatory.  Basically anything I can’t wash in a machine on the hot-cycle without shrinking, discoloring, or deforming, shouldn’t be in my closet.

I want to get rid of EVERYTHING and start over! Except I am not sure I can find clothes that fit the lifestyle.  May be this is my business opportunity.


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