Road trip!

It’s a bit rainy but otherwise a perfect Fall day with just the right amount of overcast and chill to venture out on a road trip. We are driving to Baltimore to attend a dear friend’s wedding and in the process seeing all our DC friends too! The kids are asleep in the back. I have my snack and book and Devang is listening to his jams and transporting all the precious cargo.
At this very momentย  I am craving some coffee and being thankful that reading in cars no longer makes me want to throw up!
Of all the fun things we will get to do this weekend, I will shamelessly admit that I can hardly wait to sneak in a meal at 2 Amys in DC. Universe please make it happen.
A long long time ago when Devang and I were still dating, he would take me on long drives, hold my hand and sing along to all the Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Tracy Chappam, and other oldies (I know I know!) It was one of the best things in the world. And it still makes my heart go wild.
Hope you too have a fun weekend ahead.





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