Eat your greens and have a great weekend!

Last week, Devang (the self proclaimed biggest fan of Costco) found us a 2lb bag of already washed, cleaned, and chopped Kale at Costco.  It seemed like such a great deal at the time – the whole bag for $2 something.  After making kale smoothies everyday (for all three of us and every single friend/family that has visited since then) and eating kale in every meal (including salads, frittatas, crostini, etc.) the bag is only half empty.  It’s some kinda terrible kale joke and it needs to end soon!! So if you have any kale recipes please pass them along.  Except kale chips, because if I am eating so much kale I want my chips to be made of potatoes and fried. Also, if you are in Chicago or Bethesda, go to the Summer House and see if they still have their Zero-Proof Kale Lemonade on the menu.  I had it when I was pregnant with Arjun and it was surprisingly kale-y but gooooood.

In other news, I am thinking of designing and painting our master bedroom.  In our last home, our bedroom was the least done up and basically just collected objects that didn’t fit in any other rooms.  This time though, I want it to be a nice peaceful retreat as they say.  And being a self proclaimed hotel snob, I am getting my inspiration from looking at the high-end hotel rooms online.  For the choice of paint, instead of using my go to Bright-White I might take a leap and try a charcoal or deep gray.  The room is big and has great light so I am hoping the darker color will be a good design choice. Please share your thoughts or design links to help me along.

And lastly a few pictures from the last couple of days.  Asha drinking her – you guessed it – kale smoothie which we fondly refer to as “turtle slime” thanks to Auntie Agata.  Arjun sitting at his desk and playing with toys.  I basically get 3 minutes of hands free time before he knocks all the toys on the floor and cries for me to carry him.  And beautiful flowers from our neighbors yard! Have a great weekend you guys!

wpid-2015-10-09-02.46.27-1.jpg.jpeg Day at the office - Arjun sitting in high chair and playing with his toysflowers

9 thoughts on “Eat your greens and have a great weekend!

  1. I followed a menu recently that had kale smoothies in it and the instructions said to put the kale, banana, etc. in a ziplock in the freezer. The idea is the texture is a better if that stuff starts frozen. So if you want to stock packs for future smoothies before it goes bad…

    1. hey Megan. I have tried this once before and frozen kale just doesn’t taste the same to me in a smoothie. But I am willing to try it again given how much of it I still have left. I wish there was some non food use, like rubbing on face for exfoliation…haha!

  2. I had this same problem when I bought a bag of spinach from Costco. It’s such a great deal, but how much spinach can you add to a smoothie before it’s just not a smoothie anymore? I started buying these bags and splitting with friends who’ve found themselves on the same add-spinach-to-everything diet (I’m not a fan of freezing either). We recently adopted a rabbit though, so now we share it with him.

    Speaking of smoothies, I always love hearing everyone’s favorite combos!

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