Welcome June!

Is it really June already? How is it that every year seems to go by faster than the last! I am in the third week of my maternity leave and enjoying every bit of it. There are days however when Arjun naps all day and Asha is at school and I twiddle my thumbs trying to find things to keep busy. I wish I had the clear to go for a jog and enjoy the fabulous weather outside, but I am told to rest and take it easy for another couple of weeks; so I listen and stay put no matter how hard. My mom is great company and I find myself asking her all sorts of questions about what life was like for her at my age. Best of all, I finally have someone around to take pictures of me with the kids. Devang is being the perfect dad and husband in all of this (including my sudden outbursts of panic).

All in all, life is good. Really good. I hope your June is off to a good start too.

PS: I have a new way to drink my morning coffee these days by adding a bit of whole milk and a teaspoon of coconut oil.  It all started because I had the worst cough and needed something to sooth my throat and the coconut oil seemed to work.  Now the flavor has grown on me.  What can coconut oil not fix!!!

PSS: I just realized that we don’t have a single picture of the four of us.  I also realized looking at Arjun’s pictures that he has been using a lot of pink stuff left over from his sister’s baby phase. Thankfully he hasn’t complained.

Jaybaa, Asha, Arjun Arjun Belly Time Chika's portrait by mom Arjun in Asha's lap Asha playing "kitchen" on balcony Dad eating Asha Asha eating Dad

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