City Guide: Chicago in the winter

For a girl from the South (and the tropical motherland of India), I am not entirely sold on the Midwest winter. There are days when the wind seems to pierce through my skin and into my bones no matter how many layers of clothes I am wearing. Thankfully this happens only a handful of times during the season and most of the other days it’s not that bad at all. The best part about the season is that people don’t stop going out and doing things. It is always easy to find cozy spots to enjoy a hot beverage and libations; or walk in a store or a museum and still find humans doing what they are supposed to.

Chicago summers might be a no brainer but I think it is also a fun city to visit during the winter. There are so many things that remain unchanged (think shopping, restaurants, museums) and those that do change because of the weather (such as the lake, outdoor parks and gardens) are still worth a quick stroll in a sensible coat. The best part in my opinion is that you get to see this beautiful city without the throngs of tourists; just like if you lived here.

Here is a list of places and activities to keep you warm and entertained if you ever find yourself in our fine city during the winter months:

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