Overwhelmed or Bored?

I am going through a phase of feeling as if my brain is going to quit functioning any day. Have you ever experienced this? I have the time and the energy to do things I like but suddenly the good ideas have stopped coming. In its place day after day I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off.
In my third trimester, I am not necessarily anxious about the new baby; I actually feel more in control and relaxed this time around. So what is it then?
Just the other day I was trying to find my next book to read and after looking at all the best seller lists I found nothing of intrigue – this is out right scary! The self proclaimed Year-of-Doing seems to be falling short already.
I am going to get through this week and hope that the weekend cheers me up. Perhaps it’s just the winter blues and all I need is some sunshine. Also, a big shipment of stuff is being delivered from IKEA this weekend and there is nothing like organizing and decorating to put me back in a good mood.
In the meantime, I am still looking for a good funny book to read in case you have any suggestions!

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